On June 12, 2016, Orlando and Orange County experienced the darkest and most difficult day of our history. The incomprehensible act of hatred, terror and mass murder that took place at Pulse Nightclub has deeply impacted our nation and world, and most personally, the LGBTQ+ community in Central Florida, as well as our broader Latino community. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families, friends and loved ones of the 49 innocent people who were lost, the 68 who were wounded, all who were present that horrible evening, and the millions worldwide who have been impacted by this tragedy. To honor the memory of those who were lost, our community is united by the shared goals of expanding our understanding of the events of June 12, and in documenting the impact and legacy of the Pulse tragedy.  Orange County Government and its Regional History Center established the One Orlando Collection Initiative in partnership with the City of Orlando and numerous community stakeholders and partners, including the Historical Society of Central Florida. Together we will continue to remember the injured, impacted and deceased, and to honor the courage, valor and compassion of the countless first and second Pulse tragedy responders.

- Mayor Teresa Jacobs                              


The Historical Society of Central Florida is deeply honored to assume the responsibility of preserving the thousands of Pulse artifacts and memorial items that were created in response to the June 12th Pulse tragedy.  To preserve memorial items for the long-term memory of our community and to create a comprehensive historical record for current and future generations, Orange County’s Regional History Center has collected, photographed, catalogued, and preserved tribute items and mementoes from the public memorial sites throughout Central Florida, exhibiting great dignity throughout the process. The Center will continue to serve as the repository and caretaker for the physical tribute items, so that we are ready to share the story of the Pulse tragedy, as well as the response by our community, the nation and the world.  The digital gallery below is another representation of our love and support, and the Society is pleased to work with Orange County Government to share this online gallery with the broader global community.

- D. Michael Driscoll, Board President             
To share a photo, memory, story, or video, please email the History Center at If you created or personalized one of the many memorial items, please share your story about it with us.
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