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Boy Scouts

The History Center offers great ways that Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can earn badges while learning about our world and their place in it.

Boy Scouts Citizenship Series

Each spring and fall the History Center offers a three-part series to facilitate Boy Scouts in earning their required Citizenship merit badge. Our spring 2017 classes take place on these Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Citizenship of the Community, September 9, 2017

Learn your rights, duties, and obligations and how you can demonstrate good citizenship. Click here to register for the January 14 Citizenship of the Community program.

Citizen of the Community Prerequisites:

Requirement 3: Attend a local government board meeting. Our workshop includes a video of a meeting of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners. Some Scout leaders require attendance at a meeting in person, however. If needed, we’ll provide the information necessary to do so.

Requirement 7: Volunteer at a nonprofit organization.

Requirement 8: Develop and deliver a public presentation. This can be done with your troop on the day of the workshop, should time permit.

Citizenship of the Nation, October 14, 2017

Learn about the three branches of government and how they work together to maintain the rights and freedoms of every American. Click here to register for the October 14 Citizenship of the Nation program.

Citizen of the Nation Prerequisites:

Requirement 2: Visit a place that’s listed as a National Historic Landmark or listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Because the History Center is not at this time on the National Register, it is not counted toward fulfillment of this requirement.)

Requirement 3: Watch the national evening news five days in a row or read the front page of a major newspaper five days in a row.

Citizenship of the World, November 11, 2017

Discover how someone becomes a U.S. citizen, and learn the rights, duties, and obligations of U.S. citizens and the citizens of other countries. Click here to register for the November 11 Citizenship of the World program.

Cost: Citizenship badge programs are $30 per Scout; adults are free. Scouts who are 14 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. 

Questions and Registration

For more information and registration about History Center Boy Scout programs, call our Education Department at 407-836-8580.