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History at Home

Connect with the History Center at home! Our public programming is designed to reinforce our mission: to serve as the gateway for community engagement, education, and inspiration by preserving and sharing Central Florida’s continually unfolding story. Presentations on our website range from programs originally broadcast virtually during the pandemic to hybrid programs recorded before audiences at the museum. Our Orange County broadcasting partner, Orange TV, has assisted in recording and editing select presentations as well. We also have a variety of history-based activities for children created by our professional museum educators.

Engaging Presentations

Old postcard of steamboat on Florida river at night.

Central Florida History

Explore the fascinating history from our seven county collecting area.

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Hot Topics

These programs reflect our constantly-changing society.

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Montage of black and white images of different families super-imposed with a tape recorder


Learn more about subjects related to history from authorities in different disciplines.

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Exhibitions and Related Programming

Impromptu memorial for Pulse Nightclub Tragedy victims with rainbow colored glow sticks and a sculpture of bird in the background

The Pulse Nightclub Tragedy

We are the collector and caretaker of items from memorials for the 2016 Pulse Nightclub tragedy.

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A silhouetted tree against a blue background is behind the text of the name of the exhibit

The Ocoee Massacre of 1920

The 1920 Ocoee Massacre remains the largest incident of voting-day violence in U.S. history.

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Orlando Health: 100 Years of Caring

Orlando Health: 100 Years of Caring

The Orlando Health system began in 1918 as a single hospital known then as Orange General.

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Left side is sketch , right is side is photo of Sperry Fountain at Lake Eola

The Accidental Historian

Learn how individuals documenting the world can accidentally become historians for the future with this interactive 3-D exhibition.

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Inside Genome: Unlocking Life's Code

Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code

A timely look at the scientific advances that have made ancestry-revealing DNA tests so popular.

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Giants, Dragons & Unicorns: The World of Mythic Creatures

Cultural objects highlight the surprising similarities and differences in the depiction of mythic creatures.

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For the Whole Family

Two elementary school age girls make clay pots.

History at Home Lessons

A variety of history-based activities for children created by our professional museum educators.

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Gemini astronauts, 1965

Coloring Through History

Fun coloring sheets made from archival images that can be printed at home for your kids.

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