• African American History

    Expand your understanding of the triumphs and tragedies of African Americans in Central Florida’s past. Enjoy the luminous paintings of Florida’s Highwaymen.

  • Aviation

    From a replica World War II B-17 bomber to Orlando astronaut John Young’s trip into space, explore Central Florida’s long role in aviation history.

  • Cattle and Citrus

    Herds of cattle once stretched to the horizon on Central Florida’s palmetto prairies, followed by citrus groves, both key economic engines.

  • Destination Florida

    Explore 100 years of tourism from the Dixie Highway to the Wigwam Motel. Learn how people traveled to Orlando via horses, trains, and steamboat.

  • First Contact

    The Spanish were the first Europeans to land in Florida. See how the Spanish influenced the lives of Native Americans and helped shaped the state.

  • First People

    Discover how Florida’s indigenous peoples lived for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans from the Old World in the 16th century.

  • Natural Environment

    Enjoy our latest enhancements with new interactive features! Discover our region’s unique flora, fauna, and geography. Learn about Florida’s early cultures and centuries of conflict…

  • Pioneer Cabin

    Imagine living in rugged Florida during the 19th century, sleeping on a bed stuffed with moss and using primitive household items like a butter churn.

  • The Theme-Park Era

    Follow the area’s fascinating transition from a mostly agricultural community to a rapidly expanding tourist-centric economy after the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971.