Embark on a journey and unlock the door to the fascinating history of Central Florida as our five-story masterpiece takes visitors back 12,000 years through a series of interactive permanent exhibits, providing hours of fun and entertainment. Among the many permanent exhibits that The History Center has to offer are the following smart, surprising, and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Natural Environment
Discover our region's unique flora, fauna, and rock formations, and how Winter Park's famous sinkhole swallowed a city block, some automobiles, and an entire house.

First People
Go back in time and discover Native American Life in pre-European Florida.

First Contact
See how the arrival of the Spanish changed the lives of Native Americans forever.

Pioneer Cracker Home
Journey back to 19th century living, testing household items such as a butter churn.

Destination Florida
Explore 100 years of tourism before Disney.

Cattle and Citrus
Central Florida's first major economic enterprises relied on natural resources.

From the replica World War II B-17 bomber to John Young's trip into space, from Orlando Air Base to Kennedy Space Center, the sky's the limit in Central Florida history.

The History Center offers four fun-packed floors of smart, surprising, and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.
Courtroom B
Witness the grandeur of the original 1927 courtroom where it's rumored Ted Bundy was arraigned.

Walt Disney World
Follow the fascinating transition from small town to today's tourist-centric community.

African Americans in Central Florida
Expand your understanding of the tragedies and triumphs from Central Florida's African American history.

The Road to Modern Orlando
Timeline display shows the area's remarkable growth through population figures, photos, and maps.

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