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Weavers of Orlando Guild celebrates 75 years


“Threads of Our Lives” now open at History Center in Downtown Orlando

This year, the Weavers of Orlando—a regional guild of fiber artists—turns 75 years old. Members of the Weavers have met every month since the guild’s founding in 1942, during the World War II years.

Now, the Orange County Regional History Center joins the Weavers of Orlando in honoring the group’s history and also the rich heritage of the fiber arts. A new exhibition, Threads of Our Lives: Celebrating 75 Years of Weaving in Central Florida, opens at the History Center on June 24 and will be on display through October 8.

“Members of the Weavers of Orlando have been a consistent voice for the arts in Central Florida for decades, and we’re extremely happy they’ve chosen to partner with our museum in this important exhibition,” said the museum’s manager, Michael Perkins.

The art and craft of weaving is deeply entwined in human history, with some indications that weaving was known during the Paleolithic era, as early as 27,000 years ago. In the Americas, finely woven textiles have been found in Peru that date back 12,000 years.

Although the roots of the fiber arts are deep, the work of fiber artists continues to be vital and exciting. Through the exhibition, visitors can both explore the history of weaving and also experience surprising colors and textures in functional, wearable, and decorative art made by Central Florida craftspeople who bring a modern twist to this age-old tradition.