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Research your Hispanic ancestors with help from the library

Orange County Library System Genealogy Events – October 2023

OCLS’s West Oaks Branch and Genealogy Center offers events that cover a range of basic and beginning genealogy research techniques, including how to interpret DNA results, census records, vital statistics, land records, probate records, and immigration records. As part of our ongoing partnership with the library, each month we let you know the genealogy events they are offering. For more information and to register, visit here.

Finding Your Roots Series
This series will cover the ten core elements that you need to build a strong foundation for your genealogical research. Each week will focus on a different record group.

Land Records
Thursday, October 5, Noon
Learn about deeds, mortgages, platting, and surveys. Discover the difference between metes and bounds states and public land record states.

Probate Records
Thursday, October 12, Noon
Learn what probate records are, where they are located and how to best utilize them in your family history research.

Immigration Records
Thursday, October 19, Noon
Immigration records are an incredibly rich source of information for the family historian. Learn more about your family’s history by using passenger lists and naturalization records.

Church & Cemetary Records
Thursday, October 26, Noon
Discover what type of information is contained in church and cemetery records, how to access them and how they can help enhance your family history research.

­Researching Your Hispanic Ancestors
Tuesday, October 10, 1 p.m.
Explore and learn about key internet resources and databases for researching your Hispanic ancestors.

­Global Genealogy Slovakia
Wednesday, October 11, 6:30 p.m.
Explore resources, tips and tricks for finding records in the home countries of your ancestors. This session focuses on Slovakia.

­Working on the Railroad: Railroad Records
Tuesday, October 17, 1 p.m.
Do you have an ancestor who worked for the railroads? Join us and learn where to turn to discover information about the railroad, its records and where you might find them.

Wednesday, October 18, 6:30 p.m.
Learn how to navigate and see how a variety of tools can help you further analyze your DNA and connect with your DNA matches.

­West Oaks Branch & Genealogy Center Overview
Tuesday, October 24, 1 p.m.
Learn about the services and resources that are offered by the library to help you with your genealogical research.

­Social Security Records for Genealogy
Wednesday, October 25, 6:30 p.m.
The Social Security Act was passed in 1935 and helped create records for genealogists. Learn how this act impacted your ancestors and what records were created as a result.

­Death Stands Ready
Tuesday, October 31, 1 p.m.
Tombstone iconography and burial practices reflect the attitudes towards death held by early Americans. Learn how religious beliefs and family patterns of a society are reflected in burying customs